1I (Ajana Lolat) grew up with an illness, referred to as Cerebral palsy. According to the Institute of Hygiene, there are more than 4 thousand of such cases in Lithuania. Remembering everything that my family had to experience, now, already a grown-up, I decided to honour my parents’ effort and establish the Fund, bringing Patience, Faith and Love to everyone facing this illness. We do it with joy and from the bottom of our hearts. We are convinced that Cerebral palsy won’t be able to withstand this “dolphin-like combination” together with exercise and therapy, needed for such cases.

Moreover, I didn’t want to “close up” and refuse to notice other illnesses. Therefore, at least once a year we promise to support other groups that face social exclusion due to deafness, blindness, older age and so on. Follow our projects!

The Chinese symbol in the middle is Tai Loi. It is believed that these words came for a poem of Confucius, meaning happiness has arrived.

A legend says that circa 600 BCE, Gautama Buddha sent his priests throughout the East with the instruction to inscribe the Tai Loi symbol on all gongs and bells. According to the gong master Don’o Conreaux, inscribing Tai Loi on a gong means hope for human unity despite of cultural, religious or political differences. Unity for building a meaningful future for our children. We chose the Tai Loi as our symbol hoping that it will keep reminding us the major goal and essence of our work.

A dolphin was chosen to be the symbol of our Fund for his open heart, smart mind and the ability to help others.  Being immensely playful and sincere, dolphins find their way to each of us, bringing happiness even to the saddest and loneliest of hearts. We hope that the Dolphin will lend this ability to our Fund and together we’ll create sincere, dolphin-like happiness in people’s hearts.